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North Canara is situated in one of the hotspots of the world i.e., estern Ghats. It has got the rich biodiversity, rich culture and rich in flora and fauna. North Canara has got the coastal area from Karwar in the North to Bhatkal in the South, ghat area from Anshi in the North and Gersoppa in the South and also plain area in Haliyal in the North and Banavasi in the South. It has got rich biodiversity of all the three areas.
It has got wildlife bounty in Dandeli and surrounding areas, some four sea turtle species visiting the sea coast of North Canara from Karwar to Bhatkal, Dolphins in the sea waters, Largest known colony of sea eagles in Netrani Island, Indian Swiftlet birds in Netrani Island, Liontailed macaque in Gersoppa High Forests, Some 12 spots of Myristica swamps spread over Gersopppa, Kyadagi, Janmane and Siddapura Forest Areas and many more. These are some of the wet lands which needs immediate attention of the concerned authorities and educating the local people.

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